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“With public sentiment, nothing can fail;
without it nothing can succeed.”



helping leaders lead


We work collaboratively with campaigns, companies, and advocacy groups to take on their largest challenges, build their brands, and win their campaigns. Our expertise is not starting with assumptions but working with you to create research projects that understand who and how to reach you audiences to accomplish your goals and influence public opinion.

No client is the same and thus we do not believe in a cookie cutter approach. We work with you to create strategic communications strategies that allow you to lead on the issues or causes you care about most.


Our proven track record has built and protected reputations and brands from state legislative candidates to fortune 500 companies.

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behavioral science

Our team began looking at how behavioral science findings can improve the ability to create persuasive communications over 20 years ago and, in the era of Trumpian politics, understanding people’s emotions and gut-level thinking is more important than ever.

It is well established that behavioral science can tell us a great deal about how people think and approach decision making from an emotional level and yet these techniques are rarely employed in Democratic political campaigns.

For the past 15 years we have put a particular emphasis on this and each year we do it, we pick up new insights and techniques. We find that by drawing on what we know about how people made decisions we can improve both our research design and our ability to provide strategic advice – especially under difficult fast-moving conditions when there is often little information available to guide the best course of action. Using a behavioral science approach, we showed in mid-2016 that Donald Trump’s message was powerful and potentially appealing. We use behavioral science findings to guide the development of on-line tools, the way we conduct focus groups, our survey research methodology, and other opinion research tools. We regularly lecture on our work in this area, drawing from case studies that reach back almost 15 years.



He Taps into Battleground and White Working Class Voters' Concerns

Which best describes how you feel when you think about the future of the U.S. economy?  LEARN MORE

Which best describes how you feel when you think about the future of the U.S. economy? LEARN MORE


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Expedition Strategies has worked on all of my campaigns, from my first run for elected office when I ran for Treasurer through my primary and general election campaigns for Governor of Rhode Island. I rely on them to provide reliable opinion research that helps us make smart decisions about how to run effective campaigns. But the strategic advice that comes with that research is really what I value the most. That has been important both during the campaigns and for times when I have needed to rally the public to support my public policy agenda while in office.
— Governor Gina Raimondo (RI)