We Create

Campaign Strategies

That Suit The Candidate


Expedition Strategies’ mission is to help leaders to listen and lead by providing targeted, accurate strategic advice based on real data coupled with rigorous analysis. We really get to know our clients and ensure they have our undivided attention. We use that knowledge and relationship to create campaign strategies that suit the candidate, forgoing trendy cookie-cutter messages and strategies that do not represent the client.

We have been a part of some of the most competitive races in the country. We advised and provided strategic research for the successful campaigns of six United States Senators and over a dozen heads of state and governments worldwide. In 2018, our work resulted in two Senators comfortably winning their re-elections, gubernatorial wins in Minnesota and Rhode Island, and independent expenditure work that helped win 9 new Congressional seats. Our work also included helping two of our incumbent clients defeat Justice Democrat primary challengers in 2018.

Unlike most firms, our team undertakes both domestic and international projects. That means our mix of experiences inform all of our work, from our efforts against authoritarian governments to our work in areas where the media environment is in constant flux.

Because our core role is as communications advisors, we stay at the cutting edge of behavioral science as well as statistical techniques. Expedition Strategies' founder Peter Brodnitz has focused on this for years and has lectured both in the US and abroad on how to apply behavioral science to understand elections. For example, Pete did a mid 2016 presentation where he showed how Donald Trump could win, based on viewing his campaign through the prism of behavioral science.

We are proud that our clients tend to stay with us for years, and in many cases decades, because we are committed to our clients' success, to treating our clients honestly, and to striving to always to provide our best work.

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Pete’s work is superb. I have known him for almost twenty years, since he joined my first statewide race for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, and he has provided outstanding guidance through my subsequent race and term as Governor, and my two elections to U.S. Senate. He provides our opinion research, but he is also one of my top strategic advisors.
— Senator Tim Kaine, Virginia
I want to express my sincere gratitude to you personally and to Expedition Strategies, for the decisive role that you played advising my campaigns. In the first campaign, we successfully described the change we wanted to bring to the country, in this re-election our efforts showed the voters that we are making that change.
I value your role in helping to convey my message to the people of the Dominican Republic. Your surveys are always professional and accurate, and I particularly appreciate your analysis and the fresh perspective you constantly provide.
— President Danilo Medina, Dominican Republic
Your help and advice in my election campaign is much appreciated.  While we were always up against the odds, your expertise was of great help in denying a conservative majority.
— Prime Minister Gordon Brown, UK