Meet Our Team


Pete Brodnitz

Founder and President

Pete brings more than 25 years of strategic research experience to his clients, which includes thirteen presidents and prime ministers on four continents, U.S. domestic political leaders at all levels, Fortune 500 companies, and leading advocacy and nonprofit institutions.  

Pete maintains strong, decades-long relationships with his clients. Many of his political clients have worked with Pete as they successfully ran for a variety of subsequent offices. Pete has also worked with major corporations on multi-country marketing studies, branding, video game development, and a variety of projects related to the intersection of public policy and commerce.

In the advocacy and nonprofit sector, Pete has worked with leading organizations that have sought to change public attitudes on public policy challenges such as national security, immigration, civil rights, food security, gun safety and health care.  

 Pete’s international work includes serving as pollster and strategist to Presidents and Prime Ministers in thirteen countries.

 The American Association of Political Consultants has named Pete “Pollster of the Year”—the top honor in the U.S. political polling profession. The award honored Pete for his work developing strategies that helped turn Virginia into a political battleground state. In 2013 he was awarded a Gold Pollie Award for innovative research techniques he developed during the 2012 elections related to the use of voter modeling and the use of a form of ad testing that captures emotional responses.

Pete received an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication after earning his B.A. in Government from Clark University. He regularly lectures at both the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University on how behavioral economics concepts can be used to craft effective campaign messages. He is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants and the International Association of Political Consultants.

Jack Roos


Jack has a decade of political campaign and consulting experience both in the United States and abroad.  Jack runs all of our research and is responsible for ensuring that our work is both insightful and accurate. He specializes in integrating communications with advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods to move persuadable audiences. Jack has led major polling and strategy consulting projects throughout the United States, including Minnesota, Kentucky, Virginia, Nevada, and Florida. In addition, Jack has also led consulting efforts on behalf of heads of state in countries like the Dominican Republic and Colombia and for the CHP opposition party in Turkey.

 In 2012, Jack’s work included Tim Kaine’s election to the United States Senate, Kathleen Kane's election as attorney general in Pennsylvania, and wins on the congressional and local levels. In 2014, Jack managed Expedition Strategies’ work on Juan Manuel Santos’ re-election as President of Colombia. In 2016, Jack’s work included Congressman Walz’ re-election in Minnesota (one of 12 Congressional Districts that President Trump and a Democrat won that year) and also coordinated the strategy to help the former Congressman become Governor of Minnesota in 2018. Jack led the effort to design Expedition’s innovative get-out-the-vote research in Ohio that provided insights into how to motivate African Americans and female voters in the Ohio elections.

 Prior to becoming an opinion research specialist, Jack was a candidate researcher. His first major campaign was with Senator Al Franken in 2008.

Kit Kuzma

Chief Analyst

Kit joined Expedition Strategies’ winning team in April 2018 – a cycle that saw Expedition win more than a dozen races for clients in the Senate, House, and two Governors’ mansions across America. Kit has a decade of political experience in the United States, particularly in the Deep South, as well as experience working with corporate and nonprofit polling data both domestically and abroad. Kit has worked campaigns from the state legislative to the federal level, working his way up from a volunteer data position with Organizing for Alabama to help lead a volunteer team that flipped a state house seat from red to blue in 2010 – one of a dozen seats to flip across the country.

A graduate of the University of Montevallo with Bachelor’s degrees in Communications Studies and Political Science, Kit’s background makes him uniquely equipped to blend traditional organizing tactics with the data-driven demands of the modern political environment.

Emma Scotty


 Emma joined the Expedition Strategies team after graduating from the University of Chicago in 2018 with degrees in Environmental and Urban Studies and History. As a student, she worked as an administrative assistant in the Physical Sciences Division and ran an outdoor education program for local middle school students. Her academic work focused on American History and environmental and public policy. In 2018, Emma worked on the Senate re-election efforts for Tim Kaine and Mazie Hirono, Governor Gina Raimondo’s re-election, and several congressional races. Her expertise and passion add an incredible asset to the Expedition Strategies team.