our services

Our approach is customized for each client, and we tailor our services to help you lead and make your message resonate.

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Opinion Research

We provide all forms of opinion research, from qualitative through ad testing and “big data”.

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Reputation/Brand Management

We protect and maintain your identity or marketplace position under competitive pressures or threats.

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Advanced Statistical Analysis

We use our customized application of advanced statistics to suit each of our clients' challenges.

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Ad Testing

Ad testing, through a variety of methods and metrics, ensures you are delivering the strongest message to our audience.

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Debate Preparation

We work hand-in-hand with clients to apply the campaign strategy under pressure in live debates

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Media Allocation and Targeting

We identify the most effective way to spend limited resources to reach your targeted audience with the right message

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Message Development

We develop messages in a competitive context so they take into account the themes and messages that will be used by opposition.  

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Strategic Communications

We develop and strategize all aspects of communication including crisis management and rapid response.

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Applied Behavioral Science

Behavioral science can tell us a great deal about how people think and approach decision making from an emotional level. We put a particular emphasis on this and apply new insights and techniques. We find that by drawing on what we know about how people made decisions we can improve both our research design and our ability to provide strategic advice – especially under difficult fast-moving conditions when there is often little information available to guide the best course of action. We use behavioral science findings to guide the development of on-line tools, the way we conduct focus groups, our survey research methodology, and other opinion research tools.